The AntCrusher H-1000 
Agitate, Attack & Annihilate

The AntCrusher H-1000 is a solar-powered, electro-mechanical, fire ant killer product, with two AA rechargeable batteries (included) which are auto-recharged by the solar cell for operation in reduced or no sunlight conditions.

IT'S GREEN – No chemicals, liquids or baits and only the fire ants are affected. Read more!

IT'S SAFE - for people, children, plants and pets. Read more!

IT WORKS - proven by years of testing, it exterminates (by crushing) so many fire ants, the colony is unable to sustain itself. Read more!

IT LASTS - Lasts for years making it the most cost-effective product you can buy to kill and control fire ants. Read more!  

IT'S WEATHERPROOF - the unit is fine, on or off, in any weather: hot, cold, wet or dry. Read more! 

IT'S EASY TO USE - Switch on, place on the colony mound and switch off when done. Read more! 

IT'S FAST & YOU CAN WATCH  - the average fire ant colony treatment takes less than 30 minutes.  Watch it kill thousands of fire ants.  Read more! 

IT'S WARRANTED  -  Read More!